Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania Luxury Retreat

Saffire Freycinet

A stay at Saffire is all-inclusive

Nestled in Tasmania’s captivating Freycinet National Park, the award-winning, Saffire Freycinet is a luxurious all-inclusive resort. Positioned in Coles Bay, it epitomizes opulent Australian lodging, offering guests the perfect blend of relaxation and breathtaking views of Wineglass Bay.

The Saffire Transfers

Your Arrival

Saffire Freycinet is located mid-way along Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast, just two and a half hours’ scenic drive from Hobart and two hours’ drive from Launceston. Saffire offers a luxury chauffeured service for guests departing from Launceston and Hobart, or self drive. Float-plane transfers are also available with a spectacular water takeoff and landing.

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Soaking at the Saffire

The Ambience

Nestled within Tasmania’s breathtaking Freycinet National Park, the award-winning Saffire Freycinet is a gem of Coles Bay, offering a quintessential all-inclusive luxury experience in Australia. Its 20 distinct luxury suites, with stunning Hazards Mountains views, are complemented by a luxury day spa and unique culinary adventures. Saffire stands out with its individually tailored experiences, making it more than just a typical resort. Discover relaxation against the stunning backdrop of Wineglass Bay, as Saffire delivers an exceptional and unique retreat.

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Oysters at the Saffire


Saffire Freycinet resides in East Coast Tasmania, known for its premium aquaculture and agriculture. The Mediterranean-like climate in Freycinet produces world-renowned cool-climate wines. Local fishing villages supply fresh crayfish, scallops, and deep-sea fish. Plump oysters and mussels are farmed in Great Oyster Bay’s pristine waters. Saffire’s chefs daily select Tasmania’s best grass-fed beef, lamb, game meats, herbs, spices, and seasonal produce to craft cuisine that highlights premium local ingredients.

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Freycinet Excursions

Your Experiences

Saffire Freycinet’s complimentary range of activities gives you options for every mood and every moment. Lasting from one hour to three hours, these activities are your opportunity to engage and connect with Freycinet’s stunning natural wonders and attractions. From Beekeeping to hiking around the Bay or SUP on the water. Dont forget to make the most of the onsite spa facilities.

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This luxury Freycinet accommodation features 20 luxury suites with breathtaking views of the Hazards Mountains and Wineglass Bay. Offering  a luxury day spa, and unforgettable culinary offerings and experiences.

Map of Saffire Freycinet

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