Thala Beach Lodge

Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Thala Beach Nature Reserve is located on a private headland between Cairns and Port Douglas, Australia. Deluxe eco accommodation options are sensitively positioned amongst the resort’s 145 acre property. Complimentary experiences are provided for our guests including nature/wildlife walks, star gazing nights, Coconut Odyssey tour and specialist talks from local experts. Guests and visitors alike are invited to dine in the treetops at our popular Ospreys Restaurant. Come stay with us!

Sand Piper Suite

Sandpiper Suite

Perched on the southern most point of Thala’s private headland and surrounded by nature, the Sandpiper Suite is the ultimate in setting, romance and privacy.

With a vista that stretches from the dunes to white sandy beaches and the sparkling Coral Sea, the views from Sandpiper Suite extend out across the sea to a cluster of small islands and a perfectly unbroken horizon…

Coral Sea Bungalow

Coral Sea Bungalow

Coral Sea Bungalows are located on the highest ridge of Thala’s private headland, with views of the Coral Sea all the way to the horizon, framed by the native Australian forest canopy.

Unobtrusively nestled into the natural landscape, wildlife viewing opportunities are maximised from the privacy and comfort of your elevated verandah.

Eucalypt Bungalow

Eucalypt Bungalow

Thala’s Eucalypt Bungalows allow you to intimately experience the unique tropical forest in supreme comfort and privacy.

Eucalypt Bungalows are individually positioned and border Thala’s pathways as they gently rise up the headland through the lush Eucalypt forest…

Jungle Walk

Jungle Walk Bungalow

Experience the unique woodland forest from Thala’s Jungle Walk Bungalows.

Located within the forest, Jungle Walk Bungalows combine comfort with the deep green, earthy beauty of the jungle…


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